Behind the scenes: May 2009

A bit of a novelty behind this event. Being still very much under the radar of the National Federation, we decide to try and get more significant support from the local authorities, starting with the Municipal team. We present the project of Schiniathlon, once more, to the Mayor of Marathonas and offer to set-up our transition area on a Municipal ground, next to the Moraitis resort (as it was thought that holding our races on a private ground turned the authorities against providing any form of support). 

The logistics is a bit more convoluted, having a start area, transition & finish and awards ceremony areas in different places. But we manage to pull it through without much hurdle - although the primary objective of gathering a more significant form of support from the local authorities does not seem to have been even remotely achieved...

Conpap (alias Konstantinos Papanikolaou) shoots the first video of the Schiniathlon [see homepage for the 6:40mn finished product] which would create a momentum and generate a much wider interest in the series, especially from a spectators view point. This is the beginning of crowds of spectators lining up along the bike course, gathering at the swim start and finish areas...

Schiniathlon video

Short story of Schininathlon, the classic triathlon event at Schinias bay, Athens, Greece"

Video shot during Schiniathlon events of 2011 and produced by Transition Sports